Menu Customer Value Campaign

How do you demonstrate value to your core customer base without bombarding them with stats? You create a spaghetti western inspired story of one-upmanship of course. Oh, and you’re probably going to need a marching band, a chef, a masseuse, some fighting mascots and a magician on a unicycle holding a rabbit. came to us with the challenge of improving customer sentiment and maintaining their great relationship with agents. The content piece had to share good news about the brand and the improvements they were making without being too much of a brag. The focus of our execution was to put entertainment and humour first; we wanted to make something the customers would enjoy and, ultimately, share.


Rather than beat their own chest and brag, our messaging and tone of voice focused on complimenting the agent; giving them a pat on the back for making the smart choice with


We created a story that plays off the idea of ‘one-upmanship’. It is the nature of the industry that you need to be on the look-out and do whatever it takes to get the edge over the competition. Our agents interacted in a funny ‘larger than life’ environment that allowed us to express our value proof-points through cheeky vignettes.