Nissan Genuine Brand Campaign - Beware of Strangers

Nissan Australia Genuine Brand Campaign - Beware of Strangers

The background

This campaign came in response to an industry-wide focus on the concerning trend around untested and counterfeit parts led by governing body, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

With this brief, V.I. has created a campaign that addresses the serious nature of an industry-wide problem in a way that is highly engaging and easy to understand.
Ian Moreillon, Director Customer Experience & Franchise Quality, Nissan Australia

The brief

Nissan sought to create a campaign that would increase awareness of, and create trust in, the Nissan Genuine brand among Nissan customers, ensuring they insist on fitting Nissan Genuine Parts every single time.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was timing – this campaign needed some serious staying power. There would likely be a significant amount of time between when a customer would see these comms and when they would need to replace their vehicle’s parts. The story had to leave a lasting impact, so that when that time for replacement came, the customer would recall the importance of keeping it in the Nissan family and insist on Genuine.

This is one of the most exciting campaigns we’ve ever done. V.I. went above and beyond and brought something really fun and fresh to the table.
Natalie Momsen, Senior Marketing Manager Aftersales Marketing, Nissan Australia

The solution

The insight behind this campaign was all about trust. Genuine parts are tested for the perfect fit, durability and safety. A genuine part comes from a known source ­– anything else is like introducing an unknown element; a stranger.

After all, you wouldn’t trust a stranger with the people and the things you love, so why should it be any different when it comes to your vehicle’s parts manufacturer? Are you really willing to put the safety of you and your passengers in the hands of someone you don’t know?

The concept of being wary of strangers is a natural human instinct and a powerful way for us to frame our message.
Chris Winterton, Creative Director

The campaign features a quirky ensemble cast of ‘strangers’ who were used to personify common non-genuine parts and accessories. The entertaining spots were the centrepiece of a 360 campaign that posed the question, Would you trust a stranger with the people or things that you love?

The Beware of Strangers initial media campaign ran across a range of channels with an expected audience of more than 11 million. The campaign also featured eDM, online display, point of sale and direct mail components.

An awareness device was created to appear across digital display advertising on a range of websites, as well as on a dedicated Beware of Strangers landing page on the Nissan website.