We started working with Drupal in 2008. Since then V.I. has delivered Drupal projects for major players like, Suzuki, BMW, Dunlop, The Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Renault and Cummins Filtration, to name a few. Getting hands-on with these projects has taught us how to turn Drupal’s framework into elegant, engaging interfaces.

We’re not merely admirers – we believe Drupal’s capabilities to be unrivalled and stand behind it as members of the Drupal association and an Acquia partner. We are yet to run into a project or problem we couldn’t solve with it!

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We haven't come across a project or problem we couldn't solve with Drupal

Why is Drupal the best CMS for your company?

  • Open source, no licence fees
  • Highly flexible framework makes it easy to extend functionality
  • Powerful and fast templating engine
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Fine control on users’ permissions and their ability to administer and access content
  • Ability to run multiple sites and languages
  • Ability to run blogs and surveys
  • Excellent Google Maps and Google Analytics integration
  • Huge and growing collection of third party modules to extend functionality
  • Huge and friendly community of developers
  • Substantial documentation and an API publicly available from

What is Drupal?

Drupal is the backbone of some of the world’s largest and most popular websites. It’s an enterprise-ready, open-source content management system that powers nearly one million sites today, including,,, and Being open-source software there are no licensing fees, whether it is deployed across one website or many. Drupal has a large community supported with more than 25,000 active developers and one million contributors. Drupal is written in the highly popular PHP programming language, which powers 80% of the web.

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