Nissan Australia Navara Pre-Launch Campaign

The NP300 Navara is the latest Dual Cab utility vehicle from Nissan and the first new Navara in 10 years. It’s a significant volume model for Nissan and historically accounts for about 15% of the growing Pick-Up/Cab-Chassis category.

Due to heavy market competition, the launch of the NP300 Navara would coincide with three competitors’ equivalent product launches. With news of the NP300 being delayed in Australia due to manufacturing issues overseas, Nissan needed to develop a pre-launch campaign to build hype and ensure a successful launch.

The brief

We were briefed on delivering a pre-launch campaign to get prospects ‘locked in’ to the new Navara and manage delays. The creative needed to fit with the launch campaign positioning ‘Powerful Made Clever’ as well as:

  • build a database of 6,000 registrations of interest.
  • deliver 1500 ‘ready to buy’ hard leads to Dealers.

Armed with the existing Nissan customer database and a clear target we set to work developing a pre-launch strategy to get drivers excited about the next generation of this iconic model.

"We knew from research that the target market already loves and trusts the Navara. The new model was better than ever, we just needed to let them be the first to reserve it."
Chris Winterton, Creative Director


Customers were targeted with appropriate messaging across web, display advertising and eDM depending on where they were in the pre-launch process.

Prospects were encouraged to register their interest first, then as we got closer to launch, enticed to commit to purchase with a pre-sale accessories offer. As audiences moved from prospect, to registration of interest, to committing to purchase, messaging was changed to match their stage within the process.

We created a profile of potential buyers by looking at registrations of interest from an initial eDM sent to the Nissan database as well as past Navara owners. Purchased lists of prospects who fit this profile were then targeted via eDM and Display Advertising.


We needed to keep prospects interested over a period of time before the vehicle was officially available in Australia, so the creative needed to adapt to the prospect’s point on the purchase funnel and proximity to the vehicle launch. We delivered a range of different pieces, covering the history of the iconic Navara nameplate through to the cutting-edge engineering and technology in the new model, and building the brand positioning of ‘Powerful Made Clever’ before announcing the pre-sale offer. At this point, prospects were given the clever option to ‘Jump the Queue’ and pre-order now.


The campaign proved very successful for Nissan, over-performing on some key metrics. We delivered:

  • 7,029 registrations of interest (soft leads)
  • 878 launch offer leads (hard leads to Dealers)

What’s more, this success was achieved for well below the industry standard cost per lead.